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The Upper Rhine - Home to Scientific Excellence

The upper course of the Rhine between Basel and Strasbourg is home to a world-renowned cluster of biotechnology and medical technology firms. United by the belief that the 21st century marks a period of sustainable development and respect for life, 900 companies in this region perform a combined total of 40 percent of the world’s biotechnology research. The sector is also inspired and nurtured by Offenburg University of Applied Sciences and the University of Strasbourg. This latter centre of learning boasts a Nobel Laureate in the form of Jules Hoffmann, who was awarded the 2011 Nobel Prize in Medicine. Hoffmann, who works as the research director of the French National Centre for Scientific Research and a professor at the University of Strasbourg, won the prize for his work on the functioning of the immune system.

Modern cardiac pacemaker electrodes would be inconceivable in their current form without Dr.-Ing. Peter Osypka. The founder of the company Osypka AG in Rheinfelden is also the originator of radiofrequency catheter ablation, a treatment for cardiac arrhythmias. As an Honorary Senator of Offenburg University he guaranteed the funding required to construct a new research institute on the Offenburg campus. This institute drives forward the development of life-saving cardiology and enables students to conduct experiments in the fields of pacemaker and defibrillator therapy.